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The best way to connect with your friends! You know how it is right when school ends. You hug all of your friends good bye, telling them that you promise to make fun plans with them during the summer. But then, you never do. Now, you can! You can chat with all of your friends using the chat box, post on fun topics in the forums, play awesome games with them in the arcade, and so much more!

Now, of course, you have Facebook and My Space to be with your friends. But, to be honest, it doesn't have as many of the fun features you can do with friends as I've seen other places. Plus, others may not be able to go on these sites, and others may just refuse to. So this would be a nice alternative! 

So, just browse around and have some fun! :D


4-5-11: I changed the template to a new (and hopefully better!) template. I also added more categories to the Forums, and added rules for the site. (Please read them!)

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